How much does an ipod speaker cost?

In the UK, iPod speaker prices range from £20 to in excess of £300. You will get a similar disparity in prices if you were buying anywhere the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Dubia.

Like most electronic goods, the price of an audio speakers system is influenced by many factors. One of them is the size of the speaker system. For example the smaller speakers tend to command a lower price than its larger companions. Take for example the iStuff Companion speakers, these are retailed at £22.99 but can be found in some sites for £7.99. On the opposite end of the market you have the Voix MPX retailing at £249.

One difference between the two is that the Voix MPX is not only larger but is perceived to be a high quality product. For this reason you will see that as an iPod and mp3 audio speaker system, the MPX probably is sold in higher end shops such as Harrods and Selfridges than any other iPod speaker system.

Aside from the actual physical quality of the product, we can also see that perceived quality can have a great impact on the price of an iPod speaker system. To improve a products perceived quality requires effectively promoting the product, and perhaps more importantly, and creating brand awareness. This is a feature of marketing that is crucial in most industries but no where more so that in the highly competitive electronics market, which court the approval of the lucrative under 30s end of the market. A company that successfully promotes its product in this market can easily charge a premium for their products.

The cost of production adds to the final cost of an iPod speakers. Manufacturing costs, transportation costs, storage cost, administration and promotion cost all impact unit cost of a speaker system and at the very least determines the break even price for the retailer if not how much for an iPod speakers system.

The location of the retailer is key to the price of an ipod speaker. You would not expect a retailer on Tottenham court road or even Oxford street all in Central London to charge the same as another retailer in Brent Cross, Bluewater or Lakeside shopping centres or local shops and stores for that matter. Nor would you expect that the price for iPod speakers online to be the same as in your local shopping centre. Disparities in pricing occur as you would expect between countries. You would generally expect ipod speakers to be cheaper in countries where electronic goods are traditionally cheaper.